Over the past years, Ian has spearheaded numerous creative projects, in online content and new media - this collection highlights his featured works as a filmmaker and creator.

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split-second science

A 10-episode educational series - Split-Second Science teams Canadian Scientists with energetic filmmakers, to make complex subjects simple.

featured Episodes

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Harry Potter in 60 Seconds

An official Selection of Virgin Radio's Fake Film Festival, Ian directed, starred, shot, and edited in a maddeningly-paced summary of a beloved film-franchise

Views: 750,000

Lord Huron - the night we met (Lyric Video)

Collaborating with Lord Huron, Ian repurposed a collection of old, never-released photography into a short tonal narrative piece. He then directed and oversaw the design and integration of type, to create this virally successful lyric video

Views: 2.6 million

Artwork Process Videos

A series of video collaborations with local Vancouver artist Tierney Milne